MeMe, Ham-Genius,
raises a theoretical paw in
welcome, and says
"Welcome", in Japanese.

This section of our site is devoted to Maniform's friend and ally — the perfectly lovely, perfectly guileless, perfectly quiet and undemanding HAMSTER. Specifically, Mesocricetus Auratus, the so-called "Syrian Golden" hamster.

Why do we love them so? Apart from the fact that they are warm, quiet, furry, cute, clean, friendly, easy to care for, fascinating to behold, gentle, playful, quiet, cute and quiet, and cute, we have no reason at all.



[In Japanese]
On November 14, 1996

MeMe and MoMo had
11 beautiful, healthy BeBes.

Here are scenes from
their lives with us.

If you'd like to download some of the gallery photos
to view them, here they are in three zip files
(click on a hamster). They are not in any particular
order, and each zip file is about 450K.

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Silver-tongued love monkey MoMo
exhorts us to "hang a while".

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